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Get informed about the modus operandi of demons who try to prevent us
from going to God in Heaven.

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Believing in God’s Word and Spirit
· We believe in one God who is Triune as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. · We believe the Bible as the inspired word of God profitable for doctrine reprove, correction and instruction in righteousness. · We believe that Jesus is the Son of God conceived by the Holy Spirit, led a sinless life, died and arose on the third day and will return to judge the living and the dead. That He is truly human, truly divine. · We believe that God created man perfect out of dust
but by sin died spiritually. Regeneration is only in the shed blood of Jesus who is the only Way, the Truth and the Life. · We believe in water baptism by total immersion in water as a sign of death and resurrection with Christ. · We believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues We believe in divine healing through the atonement of Jesus and laying on of hands and praying in our Holy Faith.
Kuuku Dadzie Ephraim

Kuuku Dadzie Ephraim

Senior Pastor

Pastor Kuuku Dadzie Ephraim is an end-time servant of the Most High God gifted with all the five-fold ministries to gather souls and prepare for eternity. He is the founder and General Overseer of Action Power of Faith Ministries worldwide. He is endued with the Power ministry and preaches powerful messages of holiness together with a divine mandate to set captives free. He has carried salvation and life transforming messages to the body of Christ for more than three decades with illumined scriptures through the Power of the Holy Spirit.

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Categories: Sermon
15th November 2017

Question: “Got Forgiveness? How do I receive forgiveness from God?” Answer:Acts 13:38 declares, “Therefore, my brothers, I want you to...

For You

For You

Categories: Sermon
15th November 2017

Question: “What does it mean that Jesus died for our sins?” Answer: Simply put, without Jesus’ death on the cross...

Kuuku Dadzie Ephraim

“Seek God by praying and reading the Bible – He will reveal Himself to you.”

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The message of The Faithland is that Christ saves sinners. In light of

that, we steward a message that radically changes lives. We will

therefore preach, teach and train people to live out its implications in

Kuuku Dadzie Ephraim

Senior Pastor